Adult Krav Maga, Kid Traditional Goju-Ryu, Family trains together

I truly believe our martial arts program is the best way to get fit. Wether you’re a child, teen, or adult we will get you fit. More importantly we will help you build a tool box of self defense just in case. So, unlike running in the park, riding a bike, or hitting the weights our program teaches you strength of spirit, awareness, and quite simply to know more than the predators. With our Krav Maga program and our traditional karate program we’re about having fun, learning how to fight, learning awareness, and getting in great shape at the same time.

Pictured are Tristian and Trinity. They are brother and sister. Tristian is eight, and Trinity is seven. They have trained with me in traditional karate since they were four and three. Soon, they will test for their orange belts. Without a doubt they are stronger and more aware than most of their peers. Plus, they are very sweet and awesome kids. They bring a lot of intensity and pride to their training and they have a great time doing it.  Both, will continue their training through the years. Both, will probably be looking at junior brown belts when they get to the age of eleven or so, and both will probably test for Shodan (goju-Ryu 1st degree black belts) when they hit fifteen. They have enhanced our school and I am fairly confident we have enhanced them as well. Tristian and Trinity’s parents are members of our adult Krav Maga program. They’ve been training since May of 2010, when we became an Official Krav Maga Training Center. As with the kids, Mom and Dad are awesome people, with a dedication to training, and they bring a good spirit and focus to each and every class. Shawn, their Dad has totally transformed his physique in the last six months, by taking two or three classes per week. Betty, gets stronger and confident every class. It’s awesome to have the entire family sharing the fun, benefits, and passion of martial arts. They are becoming more fit together, they are learning how to fight as a family, and all four bring a crazy passion and desire to the table which is awesome.  But, the circle doesn’t end there. Uncle Kyle and Aunt Katie are Krav Maga members as well, and bring it every class. Their Uncle Kyle has trained through rib injuries, and has become a fit and fighting machine. Aunt Katie just joined, but will soon notice a huge difference in herself as time passes. My feeling about the world is that it will continue to become more violent as time goes on. Resources are increasingly strained, people struggling to meet  the bills and buy the food, and we live in a world that is busting with a rapidly expanding population. Desperation is high. Tempers are short. Violent crime is on the rise. This a recipe for a future that is more violent and more dangerous. I am not a doomsday guy in any sense. The best way to combat this more violent world is to prepare for the battle that may or may not happen. Predators are typically looking for easy targets. People who are fit and have received proper martial arts training typically do not fall in the easy target category. Thus, if you never have to defend yourself, then chances are your training and preparation worked. Back to the family- they train hard, they have fun, they bond, and they are getting more capable to do the right kind of damage to the predators in the world. Here’s to family fitness and learning how to kick tail together!!!