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Adult and teen Martial Arts Karate Programs

Adult/teen Martial

This program offers up to three training classes per week. We spend time on kata, pad work, conditioning, self defense, sparring, ground work, weapons, MMA, and Krav Maga. Adult Martial Arts Karate program is designed to get you fit, enhance your mental focus, increase your awareness, and to keep you interested and training. You will sweat in every class. Sweating is a class requirement! Many of our adults and teens had never thrown a kick or punch in their lifetime. Now they do it for two or three hours per week and feel great! We will not give you a false sense of security. You will be more apt to defend yourself if need be. You will get stronger, fitter, and more confident.



You will have the best time getting into shape. Our program is more effective and more enjoyable than your traditional gym and equipment. Additionally, you acquire a skill set that can completely change you as a person.

Self Defense

We approach self defense with a real world simplistic approach. This means we build upon your natural instincts to various threats and scenarios. The simplicity and instinctive nature of our self defense approach makes it a very easy and effective line of self defense.

Unifying the body, mind, and spirit

We do this by working hard. We push our bodies to the limit. We learn things and accomplish things we never thought possible. We give you the tools to walk around in the world confident and certain you can handle yourself should you ever need to. This knowledge and the class experiences naturally unify the body, mind, and spirit giving you inner peace. I don’t preach these things as they come naturally to each and every JGMA student.


I promise you that you will work hard. However, you will have a great time training at JGMA! I guarantee it.


Many of us are not coordinated. Some of us are. At JGMA it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on, because you will gain better coordination, balance, and flexibility. It is a natural side effect of our program.

Focus and Concentration

By challenging the body, and requiring attention to detail, one’s concentration and focus improves naturally.

Individual Customization

This is the key to our program. It doesn’t matter if you are or were a super athlete or a person whom never competed in athletics. Our program is designed to make you a better version of yourself. If you put the time and training in we will deliver on the promise of making a better you. My students all have individual strengths and weaknesses when they start their training. Within a few months every single student reinforces their strengths and strengthens their weaknesses. Our program is an individual journey with the support and encouragement of our entire student body.