Age to Begin Karate Training

I receive this question weekly. What age is alright for my child to start training in your program. The short answer is four years old. The more complicated answer is it really depends on the child. I’ve had some kids come it at age three and train with focus, maturity, and ambition. I’ve had some seven year olds start training and it has taken a while for them to figure it out. It just depends on the child. We teach the children with a long term approach. One day they will be teenagers, and one day they will be adults. I want every student to have a real set of tools, that can be used in tough situations. You will never walk in our club and see eight year old black belts running around.

I have an awesome stable of teenagers now whom all began their training around ages four to six. Seven years later they are mature, competent, strong, and remain ambitious. If you stick with my program long enough martial arts becomes part of your DNA. You would feel lost without it. So, regardless of your child’s age, give us a chance to show them a new world of focus, respect, hard work, self defense, fitness, and the pursuit of excellence.

With all this being said. The day my son turned four is the day he began training at our club. Almost two years later he is an orange belt, passionate about the art, and he demands to go to classes everyday. This is who he is, and I hope it continues. My daughter has turned four today. On Thursday she will begin attending two classes per week. But, I don’t think she will align herself with martial arts the same way my son has done. I am hopeful she loves it, and grows with the art. But, she and her brother are quite different. Diego was already showing a great deal of focus when he was three. On the other hand, Mia, now four, doesn’t show the same focus. That being said, all we can do is treat her like we do the other students, and hope she loves it.

Happy Birthday Mia!