Bullied Kid Presented One Option from Parents and School System- Sue Them!?


My tag line. Sure Billy, anytime you have problems in life, just hire a lawyer. Right.

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Billy, the kid in the article, is facing a long road with no results. Kids who are constantly bullied will either take the abuse, take a stand, or run away from the situation. Only one of these possible outcomes is alright. Running away from the situation in some form is definitely not the answer. Taking it is definitely not the answer. Although taking a stand will probably lead to a physical altercation, it is the best choice. The school system have let Billy down, and so have his parents. In some form or some fashion they should teach Billy to fight. Teach him that daily verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. I’ve seen it thousands of time in my life. When the bullied rises up and takes a stand, that same kid no longer faces the threat of being bullied. In this society it is the only option to end a bad bullying situation. The parents of the bullies cannot be relied on to make a change. How could they? They can’t even control themselves, let alone their kids. The school system where you live definitely is not the answer. They are too concerned with making sure they are not going to be sued. We live in a world where we take a chance by throwing our children to wolves everyday in the public education system. Obviously, this a gross stereotype. But, you cannot send your child into the world without giving him or her the tools to deal with bad situations. You taught your child to count before they went to school. You taught your child how to lose the diaper before they began grade school. You taught your child their ABC’s before they started public school. Empower your child with the physical tools to not be a victim as they age, and their peers start being mean and quite viscous. With proper parenting, a well intentioned school system, and a caring community bullying could be completely wiped off of the map. However, not all children have those three factors so they need fighting and defending tools. If they learn how to take care of themselves they might never be bullied. If they pick up a proper martial arts after the bullying has begun, then at some point they will need to take a stand. Being bullied every single day is absolute hell for the victim. There is not a nice way to state it. If you give your child the tools in some form or fashion an amazing thing will happen. Your child will acquire inner peace, which has infinite value. Either your child will never be a victim of bullies, or your child won’t be a victim long.

As a society we try to politicize everything. We try to talk everything out. No matter what the situation is, kids today are told to work it out verbally. Somethings cannot be worked out verbally. Somethings need a good physical stand to sort itself out. Look at Washington. Where has all of the talk and playing nice gotten our government or our country. It starts in school. America used to be tough, rugged, intelligent, and ambitious. I think we are getting softer and softer, and much less effective. We used to be the proud number one country in America. That is not the case any longer.