Bully Busting Rear Naked Choke- Scoff Cough Cough

First question is where is the intensity. A demo of a defense should look dynamic and real.

This defense will not work. It would never work. No child on the planet could make this work. Never stops amazing me how some of these various defenses make into systems as suitable solutions to a tough situation. Tomorrow I’ll post the Krav Maga Rear Naked Choke Defense. Part of the reason some of the ineffective defenses make it into the system is due to the Sensei (usually a high rank) says to a less experienced and smaller student put me in a rear naked choke and let me figure out how to get out of it. The student is usually smaller, less experienced, and will not put a proper choke on his Sensei due to the respect factor- thus the Sensei designs choked with those parameters in place. With the Krav Maga think tank- the formula is switched. If a woman can make it work against a man, then it will work for everyone. If the weaker can make it work against the strong then a defense works for everyone.