Due to Traditional Karate Membership Growth- New Schedule Effective 9-12-11

New class schedule effects Tuesday and Thursday Classes only. All special requests, conflicts, and questions should be directed to the following email address:


Schedule Changes Effective Monday, September 12th, 2011

Mondays and Wednesdays remain the same.

Tuesday & Thursday changes as follows:

600pm-640pm               ages 4,5, & 6

640pm-720pm              ages 7,8, 9, & 10

720pm-820pm              ages 11 & up

Any adjustments or changes must be cleared with Sensei Jett.

Examples of adjustments or changes:

The adjusted class times do not work.

A desire for siblings to train in the same class.

All questions and or concerns about the new schedule should be emailed to me at:   jettgarnermartialarts@gmail.com

I will be as flexible and as accommodating as I can be. I would also ask that you be as flexible and as accommodating as you can be.

My goal is as follows:

Smaller classes with a better balance of ages will allow us to be more efficient, more effective, and keep us on the path of achieving excellence.  This change is for the students, so that they get even more focused attention each class, and more repetitions of exercises and drills.

We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the last eighteen months. I appreciate your support and your wonderful referrals.

This is a necessary step in the right direction.


Sensei Jett