Gun Defense in Krav Maga. Assessing the situation is the first and most critical step.

Mr. Darren Levine of Krav Maga Worldwide

As long as the barrel is not pointed at you or someone else the gun is no longer a threat. Asses the danger, redirect the line of fire, gain control of assailant/gun, issue self defense combative techniques, take gun, and create space between yourself and the bad guy. Those are the essential rules of thumb. A gun is only live if the line of fire is aimed at your person. So, addressing the immediate threat by redirecting the line of fire is step one.  A knife is considered to always be live and dangerous as it does not require a line of fire to do damage. The Krav Maga gun defenses vary on where the gun is pointed, the type of gun involved, the distance between yourself and the gun holder, and is some cases whether the gun holder is left or right handed. It is a complex, deep, yet simple gun defense system. But, due to the variety of the variables listed above, the gun defense system  could literally stand as it’s own martial art system.  It could and should require an in depth exploration and mastery. The margin for error is almost nonexistent. Thus, becoming an expert in the variety of gun defenses is  necessary to become competent. When one gets into a fist brawl self defense situation the margin of error is kinder because it becomes about surprise, aggression, knowledge, toughness, durability, and the ability to relax in the moment.  However, any person can squeeze a trigger. Thus, you should practice defenses in both guns and knives constantly. When Jett Garner Martial Arts expands it’s schedule in its current location and or a stand alone location there is a plan to issue a weapons only defense class once a week. Details to come as details are sorted out. Thanks for tuning in!

Jett Garner