Karate Tournament in UK

Ok. It’s two hours long and its point fighting. It is extremely well shot and high quality, which is rare for videos of tournaments. The fighters are all extremely quick, agile, and fast. There are beautiful moments of kumite. A lot of well timed punches, excellent defenses, and awesome footwork. I do have one issue that must be mentioned. Too often the fighters after they feel they have scored walk away with back to opponent in a showmanship dance. In my opinion, you should keep punching, moving, and kicking until the center judge calls you to your corner. This “drop the microphone and walk off stage with a loud karate-ka scream” breaks the continuity of the fight, shows arrogance, and certainly reduces the value of sparring possibly serving you well in a street situation. Think about that for a moment. If you were defending your life on the street, and you drilled your assailant in the face or gut would you turn your back on the very person whom threatened your life? Now, there is no debate that sparring in tournaments is nothing like fighting on the street. I agree totally. However, there are moments in sparring, little snapshots that are like self defense. A punch is a punch and a kick is a kick. In all of our training, sparring is the thing that most closely represents a real life on the street encounter. We accept that it’s not even close, but still the nerves, the uncertainty, and having an opponent that is moving, unpredictable, and motivated are similar to a street encounter. Anyway, enjoy this extremely well shot and high quality tournament documentary.