Kids Martial Arts Programs In Austin, Texas

Kids Martial Arts Programs

Why Does our Martial Art Program Work for Kids

Great question! Firstly, we are not a belt factory! Every student regardless of age, must earn every belt, patch, or award. Nothing at JGMA is given for free. We demand and expect the very best a child has to offer. My students have a wonderful sense of accomplishment when they attain a new belt rank at JGMA, because they know they earned it! Your child will appreciate and love the challenges of our program.



Students gain self respect, thus respect for others comes naturally.


My students get a challenging work out every class. Thus, learning to fight through physical and mental walls.


Students learn how to engage their minds and bodies, thus creating stronger concentration and focus.


Students learn how defend themselves with their minds and bodies. This can last a lifetime.


One hundred percent of our teen black belts earn college degrees. Many are at the top of their class.


Many of my students play other sports. I’ve had many coaches complement my students on their drive and discipline.

Kids program ages

Our program includes pre-k up through middle school. Students can train up to three classes per week.