Knives versus gun- Krav Maga

If you take the time to search youtube for martial arts defense against knives and guns, you will notice many styles offering complex bloated defenses against these weapons. The weakness in most of these styles and their defenses against weapons is that they were not found on the battlefield, nor tested in real life and death situations. If a self defense tactic forces you to think while applying said defense, then it is not a good defense. Self defense against weapons, chokes, ect… should be based on your natural instincts to particular threats. Most martial arts programs develop their weapons defenses from their own system, within the kata/forms of said system.

Krav Maga separates itself from most martial arts programs because every defense against weapons, or chokes was tried and tested in actual battles for life and death. Every defense is based on one’s natural reaction to specific threats. Krav Maga builds the defenses around one’s natural instincts. Defenses against guns and knives are kept simple. The over all philosophy against an attacker with a knife is run when possible. If that option is not  available then Krav Maga builds the actual defenses against the knife attacks around the 360 philosophy which is also utilized in defending against punches. The 360 defenses allow one to memorize and practice one set of defenses against both punches and knife attacks. Granted there are exceptions, but generally speaking the 360 defenses cover both bases quite well.

Is the self defense system in Krav Maga perfect? No it is not. There are several defenses that I criticize in my mind as not being easy enough for the novice person. But, I have to go back to the principal that I have been practicing martial arts for thirteen years and can sometimes be a little too critical. That being said, I must also remember that Krav Maga has been tested time and time again in very real situations where life and death are very much at stake.  No system offers the total answer versus all types of attacks. I know the leadership of Krav Maga.  I understand Krav’s history, Krav’s place in war, and it’s perpetual evolution. Krav Maga offers the most complete, simple, and battle tested self defense system in the world. This doesn’t mean to suggest other styles are worthless and poor. This simply means in my opinion when looking at the self defense side of martial arts, defenses against weapons, chokes, bearhugs, headlocks, ect., Krav Maga offers a simple system based on life and death situations and your natural insticts.

Back to the original point of the entry. Gun versus knife. When approached with a knife wielding attacker run when you can. If not execute the defense as quickly as possible. Knife attacks are very dangerous, extremely deadly, and can last less than thirty seconds. When approached with a gun as long as the barrel is not pointed at you it poses no threat. Krav Maga has a whole host of defenses against the gun (long and short) and the various angles and circumstances of each threat.