Krav Maga choke defenses-

One handed pluck against front choke.

The beauty of the Krav Maga choke defense system is the simplicity of the system. Address the threat, that being the choke issue a simultaneous counter attack, and follow up with kicks, knees, elbows, and punches. If someone chokes you then you are in a very dangerous situation. You have seconds to respond. The Krav Maga choke system utilizes a plucking motion. The plucking motion is utilized with front chokes, rear chokes, side chokes, chokes while being mounted on the ground. You name it. So the pluck provides 360 degree of choke angle defenses. The pluck is about explosive leverage. It is not about a battle of strength. In Krav Maga training we always assume worse case scenarios. We assume the attacker applying the choke is bigger than you, stronger than you, and by nature nastier than in you at least in the moment that the choke is applied. Thus, we build the defense address the immediate danger, which is the choke, with a simultaneous counterattack that is meant to set said bad guy up for an onslaught of effective strikes. I’ve seen and practiced many martial art styles. All martial art styles can take a page from the Krav Maga book in regards to defenses against chokes. Simpler is better, more doable, and more explosive.