Krav Maga, Karate, fitness, and self-defense

2010 was a massive year in terms of new students, student retention, and the addition of a Krav Maga program. 2011 will continue to set new student records and may force Jett Garner Martial Arts to find a stand alone location that only houses Krav Maga and karate. It’s an interesting problem to have, and shows that if you offer a hardcore yet fun program in the glamour and ritz of Westlake- it can and will succeed.  People want to get fit. People want to be truly challenged.  People want to learn simple and effective self defense. Which is why we have finally made our mark. Plus, we’ve figured some things out regarding google, search engines, and internet marketing all of which have been huge for us in 2010. I’ve always tried to be the program with quality, and now we’re adding quantity. It’s a fine line to maintain the quality as we add new students. One that we will continually  consider. If a student is not being properly trained than said student is not maximizing his potential, and that scenario scares me daily.  I must offer the same attention to the details to each and every student. Otherwise, we are nothing more than a business trying to make money, and that idea does not settle well with me, as I have always considered myself in the business of improving the lives of people.

If we do find a stand alone location in 2011 it will an outstanding achievement and challenge. But, there is a slightly sentimental side to it as well. Jett Garner Martial Arts has been operating within the Children’s Center of Austin on Bee Caves Road since August of 2005. We have an outstanding relationship with the staff, faculty, directors, and students.  We shall see what 2011 brings. If it is half as successful as 2010 was then we will be extremely happy this time next year.  There are huge moments in our lives both professionally and personally. Sometimes we recognize those moments in the present and other times we only recognize those moments with the benefit of hindsight. Since April of 2010 Jett Garner Martial Arts has been on a fantastic ride, and we have been very much aware of the big ride in terms of awesome students, a huge influx of new students, and the addition of our Krav Maga program. Adding Krav has been great as we keep enrolling outstanding adults and teens whom are truly passionate about learning, working hard, and having a great time doing it.

Many thanks to all of you whom helped make 2010 a banner year.  Happy holidays. Happy punching, kicking, and sweating! We will always take our job seriously. We will always focus on what makes us better instructors in order to make you better students/members. We will always give every single class our best effort. I will always give try to make every single class this coming year unique, fun, challenging, and beneficial.