martial arts and weight loss

Is it possible? Have you been to other schools in the United States and noticed a lot of out of shape black belts? Martial arts can lead to weight loss. But, like all fitness regimes, it takes time, discipline, and counting calories. Most martial arts schools I’ve had the pleasure of visiting throughout the USA lack in fitness. Adult students, whom have limited schedules, ┬áneed the fitness aspect. In the big scope of things a black belt can only defend himself on the streets if he owns some level of fitness and conditioning. A street brawl is stressful and taxing, thus fitness is a huge component in order to deal with the stress. So, if you visit a potential school, and you see more than your fair share of out of shape martial artist (whom have practiced for a while). Run out of the door. Is fitness the key ingredient? No. But it is important, and naturally part of the martial way. At my school, whether it’s the krav maga program or the traditional program we focus on fitness.