More Bully 911- We really should put a JGMA/Krav video together….

This program, albeit well intentioned will not work. In the above video the victim steps towards the ‘bully’s free hand’ which leaves victim open to a punch from bully’s free hand. Never fun, especially when the bully is bigger and meaner than the victim. Off of the top of my head I’d say in this situation the victim should immediately stomp on the bully’s foot and go from there with aggressive combat strikes. If a victim does break a hold from a known bully said victim needs to finish the fight. The school will not stop the bully. Parents will not stop the bully. Breaking a hold and smashing the bully will stop the bully. This bully stuff is not innocent child’s play. Nothing angers me more than kids picking on alleged weaker kids. I have this bully conversation at least ten times a year with various parents and students. Based on ten years of experience the bullying will not end until they are punched or kicked and taken down for the count. Sure the previous sentence sounds violent. But, it’s less violent and hurtful than years of a bully terrorizing the innocent kids who just want to get good grades. We live in a society that is so hell bent on being politically correct and nice that we have become somewhat wussified, which is why parents, teachers, and school officials refuse to stop bullying with a hard line no tolerance policy. They act like it’s no big deal.  So, if they won’t help the victim, then the victim must help himself, or the psychological terror from the bully  will continue.

From my own childhood, I picked on one particular kid for two years. In seventh grade he decided he’d had enough. He lit me up with two well placed punches to the face. I never said another ill word to that kid, and we went on to be friends for a few years.  So, when I speak of this topic, I speak from the experiences of being a bully as a child, being bullied, and now being seven years into running and operating a  martial arts program.  It’s a lose lose situation.