More Point Sparring Rubbish

I have a massive problem with these type of tournaments, these wussified rules, and the techniques engaged by the champions of these events. These events, these fighters, these techniques are packaged as martial arts. To many people this might be their only exposure to martial arts. The fighters in the video are good athletes and well trained for point fighting. Martial arts has been utilized throughout history as life and death combat. Societies have practiced said combat arts for thousands of years. True most of us will not be presented with a life and death situation during our lives. However, it can happen in the blink of an eye. It can happen to an individual and in a heartbeat. If it can happen to the individual then it can certainly happen to a society. Bottom line- there is a way to fight in martial arts competition that doesn’t water down the art, allows for safety to the fighters, and keeps the spirit of martial arts close. This video is not even close to what martial arts is, was, or should ever be. Pathetic. Yes I feel strongly. You don’t learn how to play chess at a competent level by playing checkers. This video gives us a grand look at playing checkers. My Sensei Mr. Larry Davenport has always preached control during sparring. Learning to control your techniques so that you do not damage your competitive sport fighter. But also learn control so that you can knock someone into tomorrow if need be. Learning how to play a sloppy game of tag is not martial. Nor is it art.