New class schedule and other….. Karate & Krav Maga

Please check schedule page for updated schedule.

Other items:

Belt test by invitation only coming up Sunday, October 21st.

Quick thought of the day.

Martial arts should be about improving the individual. Developing confidence, awareness, and respect. Building the mind and body by process of building the body and learning workable self defense. In developing the body one should be developing power, speed, technique, and focus. Most martial arts programs I have viewed, viewed their students, or even have enrolled their former students are severely lacking in one key area of developing the body. The issue is developing power. It’s remarkable to me that as a martial artist you might not have been offered the opportunity to hit pads in your class. Hitting pads and hitting heavy bags is the key to developing real power. Without the opportunity to hit pads hard and often you lack little chance of developing real power. Hitting a pad or heavy bag gives you instant feedback to your power or lack of power. Is it the only way to enhance or gain power? No it is not. But, it is a huge part of it. Think of it like this. A baseball player or a golfer with practice their swing without hitting balls. Shadow swinging if you will. But, they also practice striking balls with their swing. Without striking the ball one never gets any feedback on progress, lack of progress, or accomplishment. Hit some pads!!