self defense

I was asked by a student what that if a person only could learn one self defense technique- what would it be? Great question.  My first thought was the mind or more specifically awareness. Thus, I provided that answer. Said student then qualified the question as only one physical self defense technique. I pondered longer. Basically, my answer went like this- There is not a single sure fire money in the bag self defense martial art technique that will conquer every situation.  A system should be deep enough to cover the general spectrum of attacks, yet thin and simple enough that one’s mind doesn’t interrupt his/her defense against a real attack.  After qualifying my answer, with the above, I stated that if I could only learn and or teach one physical strike for self defense I guess that it would have to the front kick. Again, the front kick is not the answer for every situation, but it does provide answers to a lot of full frontal attacks. That being said, I believe for true safety and awareness, and fitness one should dive into a martial arts program . A program that is centered on self defense, fitness, and self improvement.