Self Defense

Happy Holidays! In some ways 2009 was a great year for the school and my family. In other ways, I am excited to kick off a New Year and a new decade. In regards to our school- I’m extremely motivated to increase our student population by fifty percent this year. I see the benefits of our program in each and every student, and I know what my competitors are offering. We are the best program in Westlake- hands down. So, we need to be more visible so more people in Westlake can train in a school that does not produce black belts over night. My motto has always been quality not quantity. However, with 2010 upon us my new motto will be, “Quality and Quantity.” Many thanks the JGMA students and families. Congratulations to our new black belts! Happy New Year! I’ve left some photos of our family! Enjoy!

Son and Daughter at the mall!
Happy times after pasta dinner!
Mrs. Garner with our daughter.
Contemplating the plunge!