Steven Segal and Anderson Silva

Steven Segal has become slightly odd over the years. Or, perhaps he was always a little strange. The one think you can never take away from Segal is the fact that he is truly an excellent martial artist, who just happens to make action films. The list is short for action stars that were truly great martial artists. The list includes Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, and Steven Segal. Only these three men fill both criteria of being a legitimate film star and being a great martial artist. Granted Jean Claude Van Damme is a legitimate action star with amazing physical prowess. But, he does not satisfy the great martial artist criteria. Lee, Norris, Li, Chan and Segal were great martial artists that Hollywood found for films. This video reminds us that Segal is still a relevant martial artist. He provides Anderson Silva, the pound for pound greatest fighter in the world, with a lot of techniques in the video that can work both on the street and in the cage of competition.