That time of year- krav maga kids martial arts.

September has begun with a bang. Krav Maga and Karate are enrolling students left and right.  So much so, that we’ve already added two more traditional karate classes- a class on Monday and Wednesday. Both classes are for kids ages 4-9, and occur prior to the adult Krav Maga classes. The interesting aspect to our growth right now is the types of students that we’re receiving. All of the students whom have signed up in the last few months are extremely passionate about training and martial arts.   The newer students in both programs have supportive families, which is the key to a long term martial arts pursuit. Whether, it be an adult or child the family has to sacrifice in terms of opportunity costs, transportation, budget, ect.. We’ve always been blessed with excellent members. But, we’ve never had this many. The growth we’re experiencing now is excellent and challenging. We have and will continue to experience growing pains. Large classes means that I must work harder to maintain the culture of the class and that I give every student my time for critique, encouragement, ect. I cannot allow quality to suffer due to quantity. These are the challenges that lie ahead. This is the obstacle that keeps me motivated and focused. I refuse to allow the quality of our classes, the quality of student growth, the quality of the programs we teach, or the quality of the atmosphere to suffer under the quantity we have. I will continue to strive for the excellence I have preached and taught for six years. This is my challenge. This is our challenge- to maintain our pursuit of perfection knowing we will not achieve perfection.