The World of Karate-do

I ordered this Seminar DVD on sparring/kumite. Pretty great stuff. There is a great deal which I can use both as a fighter and as a Sensei. But, that is not what this post is about. The seminar sections are broken down in four sections, as taught by four different instructors. One is from Iran, one is from France, and two are from Turkey. Not only that but as you watch the video you get a sense of where those who attended the seminar are from. A few were from Georgia the country. Some were from Italy. A few were from Africa. There was a guy from USA. Several were from The United Kingdom. Many Japanese kumite fighters attended as well. The seminar is awesome. Nearly every spot on earth was represented. The harmony and brother/sisterhood was outstanding. Karate is able to do something rarely found in modern times. In this DVD it shows it has powers to be envied by every single religion on earth. The power to drop borders, erase divisions, embrace our common denominators, and learn from each other on what makes us different. The only thing the seminar attendees care about is punching, kicking, blocking, and moving. It’s so beautiful. Karate is the most practiced art in the world. It’s variations are as expansive and broad as the life in the ocean. But, at the end of the day it can be reduced to the most basic elements: punches, kicks, blocks, movement, sweat, and a desire to perpetually learn, fail, get up, and learn. If only, karate could serve as our guide to figure out the worlds problems.