Theories of Krav Maga knife defenses

Bottom line- the simpler a knife defense the better. If it’s too big and too complicated then it will be unusable in a time of need. Krav Maga builds knife defenses around natural reactions to the blade. Krav Maga utilizes a 360 blocking system for punches and knives. Same defense against both. If a hand is suddenly coming your way you may not have time to decide whether it is a blade or a punch. Thus, same defense for both attacks. Krav also provides various hostage type knife defenses if someone has entered your space and pressed the weapon against you in some fashion to gain control of you, rob you, rape you, or kidnap you. Same principals apply. We build the defenses for the various scenarios based on the human’s natural reaction to a blade pressed against the various body parts. Keep it simple and doable for everyone who trains in said defenses. ┬áThe general rule of thumb is if you see someone approaching with a blade it is safer to run if the option is available. Knife attacks are extremely fast, brutal, and deadly. However, if the option to flee is not available we have a system of defenses to teach you that can improve your chances of survival. Remember, being aware in public is the key to not being attacked and becoming a statistic. Appearing confident, capable, willing, and aware will go far in keeping you and your family safe.