Traditional martial arts knife defense

Watch the video and we will talk afterwards.

Do you think your thumbs could join together in this eagle block and stop the downward thrust of a 250 pound man? If you crisscross two toothpicks would you be able to stop the downward swing of a baseball bat? No. So, the very first thing in the defense, which is the block to save your life would fail. If you get stabbed once chances are you will be stabbed time and time again. Where is the combative to take the attackers balance or focus away? I could go on and on. This is not an attack on this martial arts man in the video. This is simply an example of why I believe Krav Maga offers an effective and practical self defense system.

Please do not think I am criticizing styles or systems. I am Goju-ryu through and through. I love traditional martial arts. This is not a criticism of entire styles or systems. My critiques remain finite. We are simply taking a look at the way most traditional programs teach specific threats such as weapons or chokes or grabs. In these specific scenarios the leaner a defense is the better. The more quickly a combative is delivered the better. The defense should be instinctive and gross motor skill based. If a woman could really make it work against a larger male, then it certainly is a good defense.