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The average American picks up seven pounds of body weight in between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Scary statistic. Especially, for those whom have spent the entire year getting in shape and losing previous years of weight gain. According to Dr. Koel Krine, the holidays cause lack of sleep, overloaded schedules, stress, and serve as an emotional roller coaster. Plus, the holidays have plenty to offer in food and drink for everyone, and people tend to utilize food and drink during the holidays as a coping and comforting agent.

The best advice I can offer is to train through the holidays. Many of my martial arts friends and competitors close their doors for long periods during the holidays.  At Jett Garner Martial Arts we stay open so our members can stay in shape, keep their eye on the prize, and work out some of their pent up holiday anxiety.  The holidays are a time to earn the extra desserts, dinners, drink, ect. If you work out during the holidays, you will not gain seven pounds, you will not feel the need to over indulge, and you will not feel the stress that most folks suffer during the family fun of the season. Tis the season, give yourself a reason to up your training, lose a few pounds, and learn how to fight- so that you will hopefully never need to.