women’s self defense and martial arts

I train ten of the Children’s Center of Austin Faculty every Monday and Wednesday from 1230-130 pm. They are now in their fourth month of training. The ladies have offered diligence, dedication, and passion. Most of the ladies in the class have little or no martial arts background. To say that I am impressed at what they accomplish every single class is an understatement. They train with the work ethic and focus of seasoned martial artists. I think all ten would agree they’ve experienced changes to their physical selves, endurance, general fitness, and they’ve become more confident. That’s what martial arts does- breeds confidence, improved fitness, and mental strength. If martial arts were an easy and glorious journey, then everyone in the world would do it, and do it often. However, martial arts puts you in the position of learning a brand new skill set, refining and fixing that skill set, adding new layers and tools to the skill set, and making one realize that she is much more gifted and talented then she ever thought possible. Teaching someone to fight is an extremely primal tool, a tool that leads to spiritual and mental enhancement. Teaching someone to fight breeds confidence and security. It breeds public awareness. These are just a few of the benefits of joining a proper martial arts program.

Back to the ten teachers. I salute you. You’ve made this twice a week class exciting, fun, and enjoyable for me. You are now in the zone, where you learn more complicated combat strikes and self defense drills more easily. All ten of you are more confident, more secure, and truly represent the martial spirit. Plus, you’re enjoying the classes and the process. ┬áLearning how to fight should be challenging, fun, and reciprocal. Once again Ten Ladies of the Children’s Center of Austin- you are doing a fantastic job. Now- upon completion of reading this blog entry- give me 59 squats, 2o pushups, 3o crunches, then partner up and give me 40 knee strikes!