Working self defense under duress.

It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It can be a simple fight and challenge of egos, or it can carry the ultimate risk. Regardless of the scenario your martial arts training is being called into action. Like it or not here we go. So, we train. We practice. We assume we’re ready. We assume we’re tough. We assume that we can handle it. Self defense  rule number one- your technique will suffer.  Rule number two- your accuracy will suffer. Rule number three clarity of thought is non-existent. The final rule in real life self defense- the secret ingredient is straight up pure aggression. Like an animal in the wild defending its young against a predator. This is the type of aggression and commitment you will need to survive and or win. So, if our gross motor skills are negatively impacted during an altercation or attack, what’s the point in training? We train our mind, body, and spirit to have great technique, accuracy, and power. So, we train to attain a level that is much greater than the level we possessed when we were brand new to martial arts. Thus, when we are forced to defend ourselves, our excellent technique, accuracy, and power are compromised, yet still exponentially better than the day we took our first class.  After years of training one should have built fighting spirit and instincts through hours of repetition. In addition, we should have a greater knowledge of weak spots on our opponent. So, we attempt to obtain perfection in training, knowing full well we will be less than perfect in a real fight, yet comforted by the knowledge, even in combat with reduced motor skills, we still have a much better shot at success because of our training over the years. Martial arts is not a quick fix. It is not a guarantee of safety. You get out of it what you put into and and what your instructor pushes you to get out of it.  The real power of martial arts lies within the aggression button- being able to turn it on in the blink of an eye. The other power is walking around in the world more confident, more aware, and typically predators are seeking the weak not the strong.

The greatest weakness in martial arts- students feeling  untouchable. Is the art that causes this or the student? Probably a combination of both. Do not fall into the “I cannot be hurt” trap. Because you can. Be smart. Be kind. Be subtle. Be aware. Train hard.