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Benefits of

Jett Garner Martial Arts

Respect – one must learn to respect his/herself before learning to respect others.
Focus – to learn how to control one’s body through repetition and strengthening of the mind.
Concentration – exists in all facets of life. School, sports, and careers. We teach you how to properly utilize your mind through relaxation and focus.
Fitness – Becoming fit benefits you in so many ways. It affects your confidence, your health, & your emotional well being. If a person is forced to defend on the streets- that person must be fit.
Fun – whether you’re a child, teen, or adult you will have a good time training in my studio. You will have the best time you’ve ever had sweating!
Control – learning to control your body helps you control your mind & spirit.
Defense – the most basic, yet most vital element of my program. According to U.S. Justice Dept.- twenty-five percent of all Americans at some point will be the victim of a violent crime. Predators are looking for easy prey. Martial artists typically don’t fall in that category.
Becoming a Better You – Self explanatory. Without a doubt this is what we accomplish.