Helping kids and teens build a better version of themselves

Martial arts has helped kids perform better in academics through improved concentration, focus, and respect for their work, their teachers, and themselves.

Helping adults build a better version of themselves through an effective street fighting and fitness system

Our Krav Maga program is for adults and older teens. You will start to notice improved focus and sharper concentration - all tangible and life altering benefits. If you want to lose weight, improve fitness, and improve your overall health, then we are your training program. We are focused on three things - self defense, fitness, and self improvement.

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Jett Garner Martial Arts

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Matthew S.

I have been sending my son for over a year. Jett Garner pays attention to each kid and has all types of personalities that he teaches in a class setting. He... Read More

Sara P.

Jett's Krav Maga workouts are not only challenging and effective, but surprisingly fun! Jett is highly skilled in multiple disciplines of martial arts. He... Read More

Marianne O.

I've been going to classes for almost 3 years and they are the toughest classes I have ever done. Great fun and you also learn how to defend yourself!... Read More