This is why martial arts schools lose not only female students but students in general. Watch the video:

Now that you’ve watched the video allow me to share my thoughts. First of all, Tae Kwon Do are generally McDojo’s and suck. Now that does not apply to every TKD program in America but it does apply to at least eighty percent. I have no problem in having female candidates spar at their black belt test. But, it pisses me off when I see a female black belt on the board, yet she did not spar. It pisses me off that the dude whom did spar with them hit both women repeatedly with excessive force. When women spar with men they have to fight a differ fight. Let’s be honest about male versus female genetic material. From a physical view point men are stronger, bigger, and faster than women. Women have better balance, less ego, and better fighting instincts. They tend to use technique better than men, as most males like to use power. So, when women spar men, they need to fight to their strengths. Neither of these women fought like they had ever been trained to fight against bigger and stronger males. Yet, they throw them in against a male during their test. So, you cannot expect your female fighters to fight well against males, without providing them with the correct strategy for fighting someone bigger and stronger. It’s ludicrous that the black belt fighting them was beating the absolute piss out of the ladies, especially when it is so obvious that they had not been properly trained. Piss poor TKD will get you the exact scenario.

In my own experience sparring with people of differ backgrounds all over the country, I have met very few female fighters that knew how to fight a man. But, I did meet one, and had many chances at sparring her. She was a great fighter whom knew how to fight to her strengths, and forced me to fight from my weakness. She was technically the cleanest fighter I have ever sparred against. She was fast, smart, elusive, and did not sit there and try to bang with me because she knew I had at least twice her power. So, she nimbly moved around the ring forcing me to chase, and as fatigue set in she would pick me off with kicks, and punches. Usually, she would only throw one or two techniques at a time. Quite simply the best smartest fighter I’ve come across. Now people might think well if they can’t take a controlled beating in a dojo test how will they fair in a street attack by a man? Not the same thing. Not even close. I don’t teach my women to fight in self defense. I teach them to rip, grab, tear, poke, and be an absolute animal. Sparring with rules is not a street attack. Grow up TKD!

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