glaswegian kiss- self defense

glaswegian kiss- also known as a headbutt. Is it effective? Certainly can be, but like most strikes in martial it does carry an element of risk. However, the headbutt is very risky, as one could knock himself out quite easily if executed incorrectly.  And effective headbutt can be a game ender. The striking area for a headbutt is the brow, where the hair meets the top forehead, which happens to be one of the hardest bones in the body. Ideally, if one were to use this technique in a self defense situation, you would strike with the headbutt in the soft tissue on the assailant’s face(nose area). Again, do not try this without ample practice, do not use it on the playground over a disputed call in kickball. This is a “use only  in life and death” self defense scenarios.

The headbutt is certainly part of Krav Maga’s close range weapons attacks. Certainly, all traditional martial arts contain headbutts as well. However, the technique is either hidden in the systems or rarely taught due to their potential of damage to the user of the glaswegian kiss. The title phrase comes from Glasgow Scotland, where headbutts and street violence go hand in hand. Surprisingly, Glasgow is the most  most violent city in the United Kingdom.