fitness and self defense

A great deal of martial art programs do not blend fitness and self defense. Or they do not blend the two well. Most programs that offer a strong fitness regiment, do not offer a solid, simple, and effective self defense system. Most programs built on self defense do not offer a proper fitness regiment. You can visit martial arts all across the country and you will notice out of shape black belts or senior members. If one is forced to fight in the street, then one must be in shape to deal with the scenario, the stress, the raised levels of adrenaline, the rapid breathing and heart rate. Most attacks/fights last under twenty seconds. But, to the victim/defender it seems to last much longer. So, where do you turn when you want a simple and effective self defense system and to become a fit person? Obviously, I’ll suggest Jett Garner Martial Arts. Wether you’re interested in traditional martial arts or Krav Maga, we hammer fitness and self defense. It’s always been a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy, and that is one reason I truly appreciate schools that get their students in shape and teach a simple and effective self defense system. So, whether you want to join us in this quest or not, find a school that offers the balance. If you step into a martial arts school and see a lot of out of shape black belts- run out of the door. In the my traditional karate program you will see 99% of students are very fit. The other 1% are more fit than they would be without the training. One man in my Krav Maga program has lost nearly thirty-five pounds since May. He is a big guy to begin with, and now he’s a big guy that’s built like a boulder. I show the students the way, and they usually choose to commit to a more peaceful and satisfying existence by gaining physical and mental toughness and getting fit.

We work very hard. They’re are very few balanced martial arts schools that train as hard as Jett Garner Martial Arts….