New School Year New Students- Karate and Krav Maga- Seven Years in Westlake Today!

As is the case with most new school years, my phone has been ringing, and my email inbox has been full. We are receiving calls and emails about karate and our adult Krav Maga program. It has been a fantastic year thus far. We had a great summer, that actually showed rare membership growth. Many Karate students who were gone most of the summer are back to training. Things are going quite well.  We are doing well not only in terms of numbers in both programs, but more importantly in terms of the quality of people joining the program.  This looks to be a fantastic year. One that will probably require us to open a stand alone martial arts school. Fingers crossed as we still need to see significant growth in our Krav Maga program. In terms of our Karate membership we are nearly full. If we sign up four more Karate students Jett Garner Martial Arts will be in very new territory. That is we will need to create a wait list, something we  never thought would happen. But it has and we are very grateful to Westlake, current and past students, and their excellent families. Our goal going forward is to maintain our standards of excellence, truly help the individual improve, and to continue to strive for the unattainable perfection.  We are a scrappy club and we teach people of all ages that if you want peace, you must prepare for battle, and hope that you never need to fight the battle. We do not build people who want to fight. We have seven years of teaching people to protect themselves at all cost. Not learning how to protect oneself is negligent. Relying on mankind, society, the goodness of the universe, and the police for your protection is an error. Your life is the most precious item you possess. Protect it at all costs. Thanks Westlake for seven fantastic years. Here’s to many more years of excellence, growth, and the pursuit of perfection.

“If one wants peace, he must prepare for battle.”

This comment applies to internal peace. Once you are confident and competent in martial arts you walk around in the world more aware and more secure, which brings said peace.