Krav Maga Childcare Offered in Westlake, and Other Martial Arts News.

We are pleased to announce that Jett Garner Martial Arts in association with Westlake Krav Maga are now offering free child care on Mondays and Wednesdays for our 640-740 PM classes. These are our most popular classes during the week so it make sense to offer child care to current members and future members. Mrs. Trish has been providing us with outstanding child care service for the last month. She has been helping the kids to do crafts in the art room, and when it’s not too hot, she and the kids play outside on the playground. Thanks to Mrs. Trish and her young daughter Lilly for being a part of our martial arts family!

Greg Shindler passed his instructor certification through John Whitman and Krav Maga Alliance in Dallas a few weeks back. John Whitman believes Greg did excellent work at the three day course, and believes Greg is an excellent Krav Maga instructor who will only get better with time. From my own perspective, Greg brings a great deal of passion to our school and is never satisfied. Not being satisfied is what makes a great martial artist great. He always strives to do better himself and strives for the members to get better.

Lastly, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our Krav Maga program in June. I believe at last count we had signed up ten new members. Of which, seven are female. It’s important for everyone to train in my view. However, it is vital that women train. My five year old son will always have a choice of whether or not he trains. Obviously, I hope he continues to do so. However, my daughters, when they reach the right age will not have the choice. They will train, and hopefully they will want to train with same passion their big brother Diego trains with.

Big props to Greg on his independent work on the stand alone Westlake Krav Maga site. Keep it up big poppa!