Bully takes it into his own hands.

By now this video has gone viral. This is a video of a bully getting tossed by his victim. These are news reports tied into said incident.


Now for my opinion on said matter. The school suspended both boys for an equal amount of time. By the looks of things in the video the big kid was the victim of this gang of bullies. They probably made a living picking on this kid. Based on my experience teaching martial arts the bullies probably picked on this kid every single day. Based on my experience the victim probably shared this with a guardian or teacher. This video represents the result of a system that fails to mandate a strict ‘no bullying’ policy. First of all, congrats to the victim standing up for himself and ending it once and for all. That being said the bully that got slammed could have been seriously hurt or killed. In the video it appears that he was slammed on his head and back on concrete. If the victim told someone and nothing was done about it then shame on the school. If the victim did not tell anyone about and just dealt with the turmoil every single day- then shame on the school for not being proactive about bullying in the first place. The victim did what he had to do in that moment to avoid further mental and physical abuse. He reacted and protected himself, and he damn near broke the bully’s head open with the body slam. This is a lose lose situation of the highest order. First of all the victim should not have been suspended. It sends a message to further victims that should the system fail you, you still do not take matters into your own hands in the realm of self preservation. It also sends a message to bullies that a victim will be reluctant to defend himself due to said consequences. This entire situation falls directly on the weight of the school, and the parents of the bullies. As a parent if you cannot see your child is cocky, arrogant, and making life hell for others then you are completely blind, or your bullying child is the greatest liar/performer on earth. How many suicides need to occur before we get serious about this issue? How many Columbine like massacres must occur before school systems world wide nip it in the bud before it becomes an issue? This is part of the problem with our society of litigation. This is what happens when parents refuse to see who their children really are. I teach and interact with kids every single day in a very nice part of Austin, Texas. I hear about bullying monthly. It’s a serious problem that school systems need to figure out otherwise the blood will be on their hands. School systems are currently crossing their fingers hoping nothing too bad happens. It’s complete crap. Freedom of speech does not apply in the institution of education. Especially, when the pupils are under the age of 18. Get it together school systems. Protect the weak and punish the bullies the same way you would punish a kid who threatened a faculty member.