Punching and kicking into spring time.

Temperatures are warm. The weather is pleasant. The sun is shining. This can be the time of year where members and or martial artists ease up on the throttle. Don’t! Train harder. Train faster. Fact- crime goes up during pleasant weather. Criminals and violent people are typically lazy people. Thus, they, like us, don’t want to do things in the cold or in the rain. As we get more comfortable with the weather— so do they, and they become much more active. We spend more time in public places during the spring and summer and we spend more time outdoors, and so do they. Thus, ¬†we have more opportunities to become targets and possibly victims. We train in Westlake. Granted an extremely pleasant part of Texas. However, with spring break and summer around the corner we will find ourselves traveling more outside of the friendly confines of Westlake. With travels we find ourselves in unfamiliar territories surrounded by people and culture we don’t know. So, travel, have fun, enjoy the weather, and keep training- not only from a fitness stand point, but from a safety stand point as well.