Krav Maga and Karate Mentality– Go like the wind….

Canines employed by the military, law enforcement agencies, and protection/security train often in controlled aggression. These dogs practice making their bites stronger, their bodies stronger, and they also get a healthy dose of obedience training with the most important emphasis being the ‘out’. In canine bite work the out means that the dog lets go immediately when commanded by the handler.  This is where the controlled aggression kicks in for the training and real life situations. A trained dog will go all out towards an attacker/criminal but knows when to stop his bite when commanded. I highly suggest you go to youtube and search for K9  Dog Attacks. You will notice on command that K9 dogs dive into their work towards the threat with absolutely no regard to their own well being. These dogs go all out until they are given the out command by their handler, in which they do immediately. These dogs are not much different than our selves, in the sense of our training and what we seek to achieve. The dogs train to offer protection and law enforcement. We train for our own protection and fitness, and we train so that we may better protect our property and loved ones. This sounds very much what protection/law enforcement canines train for. With all of that being said the two things that canines in these field do better than us is the ability to dive into the mix without fear and to know when it’s time to stop on the handler’s verbal command. It’s never a good idea to get into a fight or self defense situation, however when we have no choice we must go into in one hundred percent with ‘going home safe’ being the only thought, and knowing when to shut it down. Sadly, even in self defense situations we can find ourselves on the wrong side of the law. So, it’s very important to know when the threat is no longer a threat, and to stop the confrontation in that moment.  I’ll leave a few youtube links at the bottom of the page. Please enjoy the joy these dogs have in doing their jobs, and the control they have when told to stop doing their job.